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About me/ How I Work

Get to know our amazing team and office culture.

As we get to know us a little better, we would love to tell you more about our office culture and work rituals as well.

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Our Office Culture It's all about healthy food and good vibes

We know that health is happiness and this motto is most important to us in our daily work life. So we make sure to cultivate a calm, relaxed work atmosphere with music, yoga sessions and lots of nature time in between work sessions.

Better together

I believe a growth mindeset and a surrounding of like mindet people is everything.

If you like to ask "how can I make it happen?" instead of looking foir the obstacles, than we are a perfect fit

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Eva Minster Online Marketing

Ich bin ein Guacamole Addict und liebe skandinavische Krimis.

In meiner Freizeit findest du mich auf der Straße beim Streicheln fremder Hunde oder beim Training mit meiner Improtheater Gruppe den IONen Berlin.

Ich liiiebe das Meer!

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Taco the Cat Office Nerd

In charge of relaxation and meditation sessions, Taco is making sure everyone is feeling calm and relaxed throughout the day. Can be found on his special pillow.

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Manuel Esposito Product Designer

Designer at Elmastudio and constantly searching for new fruit adventures. Soursop is my favorite. I also love coffee, retro video games and Japanese cartoons.